Who we are

We believe it is crucial to hear the voice of the expert community in our work on all Ukraine’s priority issues. To facilitate the exchange of ideas, studies and recommendations, we have created a U4U Experts Network, which unites over 200 scholars and analysts, affiliated with over 100 universities, think-tanks and civil society organizations. Our expert community involves well-known global research institutions as well as grass roots organizations from Ukraine, Europe and the United States.

The network is managed by a Steering Committee.

Kataryna Wolczuk, Chatham House

Anders Åslund, CASE

Alyona Getmanchuk, New Europe Center

Roland Freudenstein, GLOBSEC

Dmytro Schulga, International Renaissance Foundation

John Herbst, Atlantic Council

Mission and activities

We aim to support policy-making in response to Russia’s war in Ukraine with our ideas, studies, and recommendations. This website is intended to serve as a broad and extensive pool of the most prominent expert studies and suggestions on key priority issues surrounding the war and post-war recovery of Ukraine and Europe. Expert publications serves as a thematically-structured database of expert analysis open to the expert community, policy-makers, and the public.

To ensure coordination among the expert community and political decision-making at the European and global level, we are taking part in public seminars as well as internal thematic discussions with U4U members. Upcoming public events can be found in our News and Events section.