Bernard Guetta: The Three Tasks of the Russian Opposition

2023-05-29 | Political initiatives

Both at home and in the diaspora, they are feeling around and searching. In other words, the Russian opposition is still a long way from forming one single opposition with common objectives and a common programme, but in Berlin a short while ago, in Paris last week and in the European Parliament on 5 and 6 June, their meetings are multiplying and their convergences are getting more and more pronounced because they are now all convinced that they will have to define the “post-Putinism”.

Some believe that the deadline is close. Others are counting in years rather than months, but none of them is giving this regime long because a dictator who loses a war also loses power, and not to win, for Vladimir Putin, meant to get bogged down, as we are seeing happening, and soon to lose. This man, they think, is virtually finished, and in reality, if he wasn’t, Yevgeny Prigozhin wouldn’t be daring to announce a ‘revolution’ in Russia, the sentences handed down to those who denounce the war from within wouldn’t be so implausibly heavy, and there wouldn’t be so many business executives committing “suicide”, pushed into the void after killing their wives and children.

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