Dr. M. Chepeliev, Dr. O. Diachuk, Dr. R. Podolets, A. Semeniuk: Can Ukraine go “green” on the post-war recovery path?

2023-03-01 | Expert publications, Reconstruction

Dr. Maksym Chepeliev is a senior research economist at the Center for Global Trade Analysis at Purdue University. Before joining Purdue, he was a research associate at the Institute for Economics and Forecasting at the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, where he received his PhD in 2016. His work focuses on the analysis of a variety of global and regional economic issues, including agricultural policies, climate change mitigation, regional and multilateral trade agreements, and just energy transition. His country-based work, with a particular focus on Ukraine, explores interlinkages between energy transitions, emissions, and development.

Dr. Oleksandr Diachuk is a leading research officer at the Institute for Economics and Forecasting in Ukraine with a PhD in engineering (2009) and an MSc in mathematics and informatics (2005). Dr. Diachuk has over 15 years of experience in modeling and strategic planning, policy advising, and preparation of national strategic documents, including NEEAP, NDC, and LEDS. As a national expert, he has contributed to various projects led by USAID, EU, EBRD, UNDP, GIZ, and ECS. Dr. Diachuk is one of the TIMES-Ukraine energy system model developers and a member of several working groups of the energy community and Ukraine’s state institutions.

Dr. Roman Podolets is an expert based in Ukraine—the primary focus country for his expertise for more than 20 years. Roman leads the Energy Department at the Institute for Economics and Forecasting, NASU, which combines fundamental research and consultancy to the Ukrainian government and private agencies on various energy- and environment-related issues. Also, Roman served for 2 years as a head of the Department of Corporate Management and Modeling of Economic Development in the Institute of Oil and Gas Industry “Naukanaftogaz” (an associated company of JSC “Naftogaz of Ukraine”) and did an internship in DIW-Berlin on energy modeling.

Andrii Semeniuk is a PhD. student at the Institute for Economics and Forecasting in Ukraine and has almost 4 years of experience in the area of energy modeling, data analysis, and assessment of alternative sources of energy supply. Andrii contributes to the development of the TIMES-Ukraine energy system model and takes part in the analysis of the energy and climate policies, as well as the assessment of the low-emission development pathways for Ukraine. In addition, Andrii has co-led the development of the TIMES-Ukraine model for the analysis of energy transition scenarios for Zhytomyr city in Ukraine.

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