Centre for Economic Strategy: Ukrainian economy in war times: Facing new reality, May 2022

2022-05-17 | Expert publications, State of the economy

By Hlib Vyshlinsky (Executive Director), Maria Repko (Deputy Director), Yurii Gaidai (Senior Economist), Dmytro Goriunov (Senior Economist), Oleksandra Kolomiets (Senior Economist), Maksym Samoiliuk (Junior Economist). Almost three months into the war, Ukraine now felt all the immediate devastating consequences of the armed conflict in its territory, as well as the outcomes of the first policy response, which were supposed to drag the country’s economy through the first fiery weeks and ahead. 

Also, the major challenges, half-hidden behind the first shock and terror, became more visible, including the budget, fuel supply and logistics fragility. Nevertheless, in many economic areas Ukraine has demonstrated a surprising resilience, not limiting by its military performance. 

This resilience became a ground for the sort of a vote of confidence in the country’s recovery from the western partners and resulted in a wide discussion of the future big recovery plan for Ukraine.

Read the full publication and watch the full webinar: https://ces.org.ua/en/ukrainian-economy-in-war-times-facing-new-reality-may-2022/