DiXi: Position paper on the draft recovery plan: currently the document does not look like the Ukrainian Green Deal

2022-09-09 | Expert publications, Reconstruction

The Integration of Sustainable Development in Ukraine in Accordance with the European Green Deal (EGD) Project closely monitors the progress with the development of the Ukraine Recovery Plan (hereinafter referred to as the “draft Plan”), which was presented in Lugano (Switzerland) on 4 July 2022 and the materials of which were presented for public discussion by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

We processed the published materials in detail and assessed them from the standpoint of compliance with the EGD directions. We welcome the broad involvement of various stakeholders in the development of this document. Despite the fact that the draft Plan and the proposed measures in some parts correspond to the EGD program targets, we also believe that the specified measures need significant revision in order to take into account the EGD provisions with proper effect. In the document, the project team expresses specific considerations and proposals for those sections of the draft Plan that relate to the key areas of the EGD.

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