Earthsight: The Belarusian Furniture Industry Is the Backbone of Lukashenko’s Regime. So Why Hasn’t the EU Sanctioned It Yet?

2023-10-19 | Sanctions, Expert publications
  • Despite voluntary action by companies after the Ukraine invasion and partial sanctions on wood exports following it, Earthsight has found that Belarus-EU furniture exports are thriving.
  • Trade continues after Earthsight’s report last year, which showed the close nexus between Lukashenko’s regime, the Belarusian furniture industry and its tyrannical prison system, and despite the continued complicity of the dictatorship in Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine.
  • EU member states – led by Poland, Germany, Lithuania and the Netherlands – are continuing to import millions of Euros of tainted wood furniture from Belarus each quarter.
  • Furniture is now the single largest category of unsanctioned exports from Belarus to the EU.
  • Following Ukrainian Parliament’s calls for sanctions on wood products like furniture and paper from Belarus and Russia in May this year, leading Ukrainian and Belarusian political voices lend fresh support to calls for expanded sanctions on Belarus.

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