Europe’s geopolitical choice: to win the war or to save Putin’s face?

2022-06-02 | Events, Geopolitical analysis, Scenario building

2 June 2022, Brussels

Today, Ukrainians defend not only their homes and their land; they are dying for the values, on which the EU is built. Therefore, this war is also Europe’s war. European countries must give Ukraine all the support it needs – this is the opinion of the vast majority of European citizens across the EU.

Part of the responsibility for Putin’s war on Ukraine lies with the collective West and European leaders, many of whom promoted dialogue with V. Putin in different forms and under different titles – from reset to selective dialogue – for years. Many voices had warned that the lack of robust reaction to the Kremlin’s acts of aggression would only embolden it.

As Russia is losing in the battlefield in Ukraine and starts to face the consequences of both, the economic sanctions as well as increasing deliveries of Western military support to Ukraine, the narrative of the need to engage Putin creeps back into EU’s political discourse.

Has Europe learned the lessons of this war? Is Europe ready to win this war? Is there a strategy, effective enough to not only bring this war to an end, but also to ensure long-lasting peace and security on the European continent?


  • Andrius KUBILIUS, Member of the European Parliament, Co-President of the European Parliamentary Assembly and Standing Rapporteur on Russia in the European Parliament
  • Vasyl PAVLOV, Head of expert group, Directorate of Informational Policy, Ministry of Defence of Ukraine
  • Dr. Anders ÅSLUND, senior fellow at the Stockholm Free World Forum and author
  • Andrey PIONTKOVSKY, Russian scientist, political writer and analyst
  • David STULIK, Head of Eastern European Program, European Values Center for Security Policy

The event took place in English and in Russian. The recording is available online.

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