GLOBSEC: Strategic Responsibility: How a stronger EU in a reinforced alliance can make security on our continent more sustainable

2022-11-25 | Expert publications, Geopolitical analysis

Alena Kudzko and Roland Freudenstein. Russia’s aggression against Ukraine has proven NATO’s existential value and has set the parameters regarding what must be done to make the Alliance more responsive and sustainable. Europeans had previously learned to be sceptical about the EU’s ability to be a security provider and wondered whether there was even a need. The EU and its member states have now, however, upped their game by deploying an arsenal of new tools. At the same time, NATO is stronger than ever, and the links between Europe and America have been reinforced.

The revitalisation of the transatlantic Alliance provides the opportunity to put longer-term changes in place. These should be aimed at (1) rebalancing the Alliance by fostering a stronger European military and defence capacity, (2) better embedding EU and NATO Eastern flank countries into core discussions regarding security challenges and planning a secure future for the continent, and (3) ensuring sustainable American buy-in for the Alliance by levelling out spending on security and pursuing more robust alignment on China.

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