Intellectual Forum, University of Cambridge: Delivering sustainable infrastructure for Ukraine’s post-war reconstruction and recovery

2023-10-10 | Expert publications, Reconstruction

By Lyudmyla Tautiyeva.

The scale of infrastructure delivery for reconstruction purposes in Ukraine is unprecedented, with the latest estimates standing at $143 billion (considering only the housing and transport sectors), according to the latest World Bank and Government of Ukraine assessment. If Ukraine is to meet its EU integration and resilient recovery objectives, it would be crucial to ensure that the infrastructure delivered is sustainable; that is, it clearly integrates social, environmental, and economic considerations, including its financial sustainability and affordability.

  • Getting the infrastructure reconstruction right through ensuring it is sustainable is both in Ukraine’s and donors’ best interests
  • SI may take longer but has substantial benefits in the long-term enabling a truly resilient and sustainable recovery and contributing to EU integration of Ukraine
  • Infrastructure lacks strategic vision in reconstruction and recovery policy with sustainability not properly prioritised
  • Regional development policy risks entrenching regional inequalities while spatial planning is outdated and lacks data challenging SI delivery
  • SI delivery hits the limits of local governments’ capabilities to effectively implement infrastructure projects
  • SI implementation is impossible without setting the construction sector on a more sustainable development path
  • Social sustainability has a lot to do with engagement of local communities into decisions on infrastructure
  • Citizen engagement is also a means to ensure infrastructure creates social value starting from its design

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