International Working Group on Russian Sanctions: Action Plan 2.0 on Strengthening Sanctions Against the Russian Federation (Paper #11)

2023-04-24 | Expert publications, Sanctions

This paper – Action Plan 2.0 – outlines a roadmap for sanctions policy development and new actions in 2023. Similar to last year, we will follow up this publication with specific papers on each section of this roadmap. Our ambition is to think creatively and provide new ideas to countries that are implementing sanctions. In proposing a new action plan, we also aim to help to stave off sanctions fatigue. Every day, Ukrainian soldiers are making the ultimate sacrifice to defend their territory, their freedom, and their democracy. The least that the rest of the democratic world can do is show more leadership in imposing and implementing sanctions to reduce Russia’s capability to kill Ukrainian soldiers and civilians, while illegally occupying Ukrainian land.

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