International Working Group on Russian Sanctions: Working Group Paper #2 “Energy Sanctions Roadmap: Recommendations for Sanctions against the Russian Federation”

2022-05-09 | Expert publications, Sanctions

The paper sets out proposals for immediate European action to reduce Russia’s oil and gas revenues rapidly, combined with longer-term actions to eliminate Russian oil and gas sales to Europe and the Russian threat to European energy security. Several proactive strategies are proposed. In addition, mitigation strategies to counter potential weaponization of energy resources and to anticipate retaliatory actions in the gas sector are offered. As the critical objective is the maximal reduction of Russian export earnings, our goals remain to:

 (1) Choke off Russian revenue from European energy imports via “smart embargoes” on Russian oil and gas, including an immediate embargo on Russian oil imports, as now proposed by the European Commission, and a graduated embargo on Russian gas imports; and

(2) Rapidly make Europe independent of Russian energy resources.


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Additional memos, papers, and articles that informed this white paper can be found on the Stanford Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies website: