Deputy PM Olha Stefanishyna’s office: Non-paper on dynamics of combatting corruption in Ukraine

2023-03-27 | Political initiatives

Disclaimer: this non-paper is based on official statistical data of pre-trial (General Prosecutor’s Office) and judicial statistics (SJA, HACC), summarised by the NAPC, as well as data of the GRECO report, SBI and PGO.


Committed to preventing and combating corruption in order to fulfil its obligations under the EU integration process, Ukraine has taken a resolute stance towards investigating corruption offences and imposing penalties. This non-paper covers the period of 2019-2021 and includes only the most serious corruption offences, such as:
● Misuse of budget funds
● Bribery of an employee of an enterprise, institution, or organisation
● Abuse of power or office
● Abuse of power by an officials of a private entities
● Abuse of power by people providing public services
● Acceptance of an offer, promise or receipt of illegal benefit by an official
● Bribery of officials of private entities
● Illicit enrichment
● Offer, promise, or provision of unlawful benefit to an official
● Trading in influence.

The non-paper does not cover cases where the investigation was closed due to an ongoing investigation of the same case, a sentence already issued, or on the grounds of no crime found.

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