Olivier Dupuis: Europe struggles to face a new reality

2022-12-17 | Geopolitical analysis, Expert publications

By Olivier Dupuis. Nine months after the start of the new Russian offensive in Ukraine, many citizens of old Europe still find it hard to grasp the full scope of the West’s involvement in Russia’s undeclared war on Ukraine. 1

This difficulty of understanding owes much to the ambiguous, vague and even contradictory rhetoric coming from the leaders of certain old European countries. These include, in particular, the two “heavyweights” of the European Union, Germany and France. Their attitude is politically damaging, being coupled with late, inadequate and insufficient responses in terms of political and military support to Ukraine. It also undermines the cohesion of the West and, at the same time, feeds the idea in Moscow that this cohesion can be broken sooner or later. At the same time, it is damaging for European citizens in that it leaves them believing that this war does not really concern them.

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