RazomWeStand NGO: Putin’s aggression is the last call to end global fossil fuel addiction – opinion

2023-01-22 | Expert publications

By Svitlana Romanko, Jason Kirkpatrick. Let us compare Europe in 2022 and 2023. According to official data for 2021, Europe was 45% dependent on imported Russian gas and 27% on oil. Nord Stream 2, the energy weapon of the Kremlin, was quietly built despite the desperate warnings of Ukrainian politicians and all experts, who knew what Russia actually is: a belligerent mafia state and climate bomb, packed with fossil fuel projects with record emissions.

Today, in January 2023, after almost a year of grinding war in Europe, the German government is proud of the fact that it receives 0% of gas, 0% of oil, and 0% of coal from Russia. Is there anything to be proud of? No. This happened too late at the cost of huge sacrifices. Are there lessons to be learned from this? What really needs to be done to stop Russia’s onslaught?

To stop Putin’s war machine we have to cut its bloodline – exports of oil and gas.

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