Razumkov Centre: Political and ideological orientations of Ukrainian citizens in the conditions of the Russian aggression

2023-02-20 | Expert publications

The war has changed Ukraine. In the future, these changes will determine the situation in the country and its development. So, even now, while the war is on, it is important to know exactly what changes took place in the minds of Ukrainian citizens, what opportunities these changes open up, and what risks they carry.

The goal of the project was to identify, on the basis of a comprehensive analytical survey (including public opinion and expert polls), the main changes in political, ideological and value-based orientations of Ukrainian citizens that took place under the influence of factors caused by the Russian armed aggression against Ukraine.

The project also involves study of the possible influence of said changes on the socio-political developments in Ukraine after the end of hostilities and lifting of the martial law, configuration of political actors after the restoration of political competition, as well as their political priorities during post-war socio- economic recovery and Ukraine’s preparation for accession to the EU as a candidate country.

The summary contains the main conclusions of the policy paper and forecasts building on the survey results.

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