Razumkov Centre: Ukraine on the Road to the EU: Realities and Prospects (Project Summary)

2023-02-20 | Expert publications, EU integration

The Ukrainian experience of European integration in the conditions of war is unique. The country resisting the large-scale armed Russian aggression, suffering huge human, financial and economic losses, acquired the status of a candidate for accession to the EU, continues European integration, deepens partnership with the EU in different sectors, implements recommendations of the European Commission and introduces provisions of the Agreement of Association into practice. The beginning of negotiations on accession to the EU, further implementation of pro-European reforms in different areas, adaptation to to the European Union acquis, etc. are to follow.

The deliverables of the project Ukraine on the Road to the EU: Realities and Prospects include a policy paper, a national-wide and an expert polls, a series of interviews (a remote Round-table) with representatives of the authorities and independent experts, as well as a number or articles on different aspects of the Ukraine-EU relations.

Materials of the project are briefly presented in the summary here.