Razumkov Center: War and church. Church and religious situation in Ukraine 2022 (Information materials)

2022-12-31 | Expert publications

Razumkov Centre permanently monitors the church and religious situation in Ukraine, including sociological monitoring of the state and trends of religious commitment in Ukrainian society, public confidence in the Church as a social institute, as well as the public opinion on the role of religion and the Church in civic life, relations between the state and churches, among different churches and confessions.

The latest national-wide survey was conducted by the Razumkov Centre Sociological Service in November, 2022 and comprised a poll of Ukrainian citizens with a sample representing the adult population of the Ukrainian territories controlled by the Ukrainian authorities (the poll was not held in temporarily occupied territories or the territories where hostilities were taking place),as well as in online focus groups.

During this latest survey, in addition to questions traditionally asked in course of monitoring, much attention was paid to public assessments of the Church response to the problems and challenges of the day (including its activity in the conditions of the Russian aggression against Ukraine), citizens’ ideas of the role and essence of the social mission of religious organisations, motives for commitment of religious rites.

The sociological survey results and their comparison with the data of similar surveys of the previous years are presented in the issue. Comparative analysis of the survey results makes it possible to briefly outline the trends of religious commitment of Ukrainian society during the past 20 years and to draw the following conclusions.

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