Razumkov Centre: Decarbonisation of the Ukrainian energy sector (economy): impact of the Russian aggression, ambitious goals and potential opportunities for Ukraine in the post-war period

2022-10-26 | Expert publications, Reconstruction, Energy

The publication contains an informational and analytical report consisting of six chapters. In each section, the results of the study of various mechanisms of decarbonisation of the Ukrainian energy sector (economy) are given, taking into account international experience. The impact of Russian aggression on Ukraine’s achievement of its climate obligations under the Paris Climate Agreement is analysed. The problems of functioning of the current model of the electric energy market in Ukraine in the context of attracting investments in the development of energy infrastructure to ensure the transition to a carbon-neutral energy (economy) are considered. Recommendations are given for creating appropriate regulatory and legal conditions for achieving the goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with the Second Nationally Determined Contribution.

Read the full publication (summary in English, pp. 159-186).