Razumkov Centre: Forward into the past, or Some features of the new foreign policy concept of the Russian Federation

2022-08-15 | Expert publications, Geopolitical analysis

By Mykhailo Pashkov.

In the beginning of August, “Mezhdunarodnaya Zhizn” magazine published a programme article “Lessons of History and Image of the Future: Reflections on Russia’s Foreign Policy” by the Director of the Department of Foreign Policy Planning of the Russian Foreign Ministry Aleksei Drobinin. It was seen as kind of a “trial” bullet for the development of a new foreign policy concept, discussed at the January meeting of the Russian Security Council.

There is an impression that all this “Russian-style” geopolitical futurology, garnished with modern paraphernalia, is an attempt to return the world to the past — with the dictates of force, zones of imperial influence, vassal countries, dividing lines, autonomous rules of conduct, a few powerful states, where democratic values ​​and universal principles are of no importance.

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