Razumkov Centre: How the world enters 2023: Economic prospects for Ukraine’s recovery

2023-03-21 | Expert publications, Reconstruction

By Vasyl YURCHYSHYN, Director, Economic Programmes of the Razumkov Centre. 

2022 in Ukraine will go down in history as a year of major trials and losses. 2023 is associated with the beginning of the country’s recovery, which still may be hindered by a new escalation by Russia. Although citizens are quite pessimistic about the country’s economic situation (as it can be seen in the Annex 1. Citizen Assessment of the Country’s Economic Situation), it is not an indication of economic collapse. Moreover, since the national economy in 2022 managed to preserve a significant share of its potential, this gives sufficient grounds to believe that 2023 may be the year of economy’s gradual recovery even in the face of enemy attacks.

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