Razumkov Centre: Operation “Caucasian Oil”, or Unprecedented Ruscist Crimes

2022-11-07 | Expert publications, International tribunal

Within less than a month, Russia carried out more than 100 targeted attacks on critical facilities of the Ukrainian energy system. In total, the aggressor spent approximately $1.1 billion on its terrorist attacks, which is commensurate with two-day revenues from all hydrocarbon exports. Before that, in the first fifty days of the unprovoked aggression, the Russian army destroyed the Ukrainian oil refining sector.

Such a brazen violation of all norms of the international law is unprecedented in history. Even World War II did not know such cases. However, I would like to dwell upon one episode in more detail. Had it come true, the defeat of the Nazi and Communist regimes would have happened much earlier, and today’s Russian crimes against humanity would be just a ghastly dream. However, it happened as it happened. Unfortunately, Stalin’s totalitarian regime found its continuation. Now, it is our task to draw conclusions from this historic lesson.

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