Razumkov Centre: Signs of a new world order?

2022-11-18 | Expert publications, Geopolitical analysis

The issues of strategic choice, formation of a new world order (both political and economic), search for rational and productive forms of cooperation are among the most discussed and the most controversial. The G19 summit was expected to give at least some answers to the questions of the day. For us, the prospects of the convergence of the US and Chinese stand regarding the war in Ukraine and assistance of the world leaders to Ukraine’s accession to the new global economic relations stand out as the key problem areas.

On the one hand, no one denies the need of renew the world order (at least economic) and outline the prospects of the world economy development. The reason is that although the USA remains the leading country in the world, the emerging countries (despite all contradictions in and around them) — in addition to China and India, also Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, Turkey, etc. — assume (often rightly) a more active role in solving global problems, including economic. Even the “grain deal” was largely made possible through the persistence of Turkey, which will, of course, reap significant political and diplomatic dividends.

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