Razumkov Centre: Silver bullet for the Russian Federation and Crimea. What awaits Ukraine in the coming months?

2022-09-02 | Expert publications, Geopolitical analysis

By Oleksiy Melnyk. The geography of our international support is expanding. Judging by the number of countries that joined the Crimean Platform forum a week ago, it unites more than 60 nations….. we can speak about a consensus in this camp: Ukraine must not be defeated in this war.

Within this camp of support for Ukraine, practical discussions about countering Russian aggression are still underway. To put it simply (there are many nuances), one part helps Ukraine to inflict a convincing defeat on Russia on its territory. Others still take a more cautious stand, saying that Russia should not be humiliated, because its defeat will involve grave consequences.

What unites these two camps? Both want to avoid expanding the geography of this conflict, a nuclear catastrophe, a third world war.

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