Razumkov Centre: Thoughts of a dead man

2022-12-25 | Expert publications, Geopolitical analysis

By Mykhailo Mischenko. Analysts debate if there is anything that can change the public opinion in Russia about the so-called “special military operation” (which Putin himself recently termed a war). It was thought that mobilization could influence the opinion of Russians, as it breaks the existing social contract in Russia called “war only on TV”, or the forced withdrawal of Russian troops from Kherson, as it evidenced the failure of the Russian war strategy.

According to the survey conducted by the Russian Institute of Conflict Studies and Analysis at the end of November — beginning of December the main conclusion that can be drawn from it is that the majority of Russians (primarily the older generation) approves absolutely everything that comes (or can potentially come) from the Russian leadership: shelling Ukrainian cities, continuation of the “Special military operation” as long as necessary is okay, stopping it tomorrow — even better, leaving Kherson — that’s right, leaving Simferopol — let it be, Putin dies — hell with him. In this sense, public opinion polls in Russia are somewhat reminiscent of attempts to measure the body temperature of a dead person. This job is unnecessary, because it is easier to measure the air temperature in the room where this body is located.

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