Razumkov Centre: Ukraine: from countering aggression to recovery and development

2022-08-30 | Reconstruction, Expert publications

By Vasyl Yurchyshyn, Through its courageous fight for independence, Ukraine has accelerated global awareness of the priorities of human development and the importance of protecting freedom and justice. It has adjusted priorities, and partnerships, encouraged the creation of renewed alliances and institutions, and strengthened acceptance of the values of civilisation, by the world community.

On the 24th of February 2022, Ukraine turned a page in the global history of mankind. Whilst previously playing minor roles in world politics and economy, the country has now become one of its leading actors. The events in Ukraine have essentially divided all countries of the world into two major parts. The criteria of this division are, on the one hand, — how a country responds to aggression, how much it is ready to help a partner country and maintain tough sanctions against the aggressor, and on the other hand, — how much a country remains “indifferent” to the unprovoked aggressive actions of one country against another or even accepts the excuses of the aggressor.

The victorious fight of Ukraine against russian aggression has become a politically important stabilising factor and will further contribute to the security and territorial integrity of many countries, and thus will arise as an important factor in peaceful world development.

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