Razumkov Centre: Ukraine’s Role and Place in the Future European and Euro-Atlantic Security Systems

2022-11-16 | Expert publications, Geopolitical analysis

Russia’s all-out war against Ukraine has changed the picture of the world, substantially accelerating crisis trends in the system of international relations established after the Cold War. Russia’s aggressive neimperialist policy caused tectonic shifts in the perceptions of security and inflicted incredible damage on the international system of security and stability, highlighted the inefficiency of the existing mechanisms of crisis prevention and settlement. The «normality», to which Russia — a permanent member of the UN Security Council — is trying to accustom the world has nothing in common with the norms of the international law.

To prevent recurrence of the horrors of war and ruination of the system of international law, the international community should seek reformation and strengthening of the security system at the global, regional and national levels. Further delay of implementation of the necessary changes in the security structures and mechanisms bears risks of total ruination of the system of international relations.

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