Razumkov Centre: review of the expert poll “Problems of the energy sector and ways of their solution in wartime”

2023-04-11 | Energy, Expert publications

By Volodymyr Omelchenko. The expert poll was conducted by the Razumkov Centre Sociological Service on February 26 — March 15, 2023. Experts from think tanks, university professors, energy sector specialists from regional and city administrations, representatives of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine staff and the President of Ukraine Office were polled.

The experts were asked about the passage of the autumn-winter period of 2022–2023, operation of the electricity and natural gas markets, performance of state bodies in the energy sector, as well as future development of the branch.

The experts highly praised the energy companies’ efforts at overcoming the challenges caused by the massive Russian missile attacks on the energy infrastructure. All 100% of the respondents confirmed that the Ukrainian energy industry coped with the task of providing electricity to the country during the autumn-winter period in extremely difficult conditions.

Most of the polled experts do not approve administrative regulation of prices in the electricity market (56%) for households and businesses, as it will not help attract the necessary investments to ensure the reliability and development of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure.

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