U4U Founding Visit to Kyiv

2022-04-08 | Events, Advocacy Visit

8 April 2022, Kyiv

Speakers of the Verkhovna Rada Ruslan Stefanchuk hosted a delegation of 35 MP and MEPs from 11 EU member, who visited Kyiv on the Founding Visit of the network. Members of the delegation and the Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada co-signed a joint Declaration outlining key priorities in Europe’s support for Ukraine as it defends against brutal Russia’s aggression.


Signed in Kyiv on 8 April 2022

We, the members of Verkhovna Rada, the European Parliament and national parliaments, representing the global parliamentarian network “United for Ukraine” (U4U) have had a special meeting in Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in Kyiv to show solidarity and strongest resolve to defend the freedom, sovereignty and European choice of Ukraine people.

Russia’s war against Ukraine is the war against all Europe, against all democratic world, it is our war, not just the war of Ukrainians.

The peace in Europe is under attack. Bucha Massacre is clear evidence that the Kremlin regime is a new nazi regime, which is ready for a genocide of all Ukrainian people.

Today we commit to defend Ukraine against the Putin!s war.

Today we commit to provide full and uncompromising support to Ukraine. We commit to take every action at our disposal to support Ukraine!s defense, to compel Russia to stop its criminal actions and to ensure a swift recovery of Ukraine after the war.

Today we commit to justice for Ukraine and to hold the perpetrators accountable for their crimes.

Today we commit to advocate a quick accession of Ukraine to the European Union. Ukrainians are fighting for their dream to be together with all other Europeans in the same family of European Union. All of us we have a moral obligation to fight together for that dream to become a reality. We shall fight not only for the effective and full reconstruction of Ukrainian economy and infrastructure after the war, but also for the reforms and modernization of Ukraine, for Ukraine’s ability to become a successful democracy, transparent and rich European country. Together with the people of Ukraine we shall fight for Ukraine’s integration towards EU in the city’s and villages of Ukraine and in the capitals and institutions of European Union and it’s member states.

On behalf of global parliamentarian network “United for Ukraine”, today we commit ourselves for a free Ukraine in a free Europe.

Our common task is first of all to defend Ukraine’s European choice, and than to make that choice a reality, which will be beneficial for all the European continents.

We will work in six key priority areas:

  1. Weapon delivery and military support. The EU together with all democratic countries must help Ukraine defend itself and it’s European choice by ensuring it has access to weapons, munition, and other military supplies based on the concrete needs of the Ukrainian military.
  2. Humanitarian assistance. Currently, over 10 million Ukrainians have been forced to flee their homes and millions are in need of immediate humanitarian support – food, water, fuel, medication. EU must establish an international coordination mechanism to ensure a sustainable and sufficient delivery of humanitarian aid from the EU member states and beyond.
  3. Sanctions against Russia. The democratic countries must respond with immediate and crushing sanctions against Russia and its ruling regime that would push them to stop the war immediately. Sanctions should only be lifted when the last occupier leaves the Ukrainian soil. We must stop financing the war and enact an immediate embargo on import of Russian energy resources.
  4. Post-war reconstruction and Marshall Plan to Ukraine. The Western democracies should commit to rebuilding Ukraine, devastated by the illegitimate aggression, already today. It will give now very much needed hope to the Ukrainians. The reconstruction fund should include generous support from the EU, individual countries as well as the reparations from Russia, guaranteed by Russian assets confiscated through sanctions.
  5. Ukraine’s integration into the EU. Ukraine has demonstrated that it stands firmly within the family of European democracies. It should be granted EU candidate status without any delay and should swiftly proceed towards EU membership, with the first stage of integration into the EU Single Market as soon as possible.
  6. International tribunal for war crimes and crimes of aggression. Peace on European continent can be guaranteed only if those responsible for this criminal aggression and brutal war crimes committed in Ukraine are brought to justice, including Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko. That is the only way for justice to be established and to support the will of the Russian people to live in a democratic country.


In order to achieve those objectives, we, the global parliamentarian network U4U and members of Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada, will work by closely coordinating our advocacy and policy actions in Ukraine, across individual EU member states, other Western democracies and on the EU level.

Ukraine will enrich European Union; European Union will enrich Ukraine. Being together will bring peace and prosperity again.

God bless everyone who perished for Ukraine, for Europe, for humanity and freedom. Glory to Ukraine. Glory to heroes of Europe.

On behalf of United for Ukraine network Andrius Kubilius, MEP

On behalf of members of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Ruslan Stefanchuk, Speaker