U4U Position Paper on Sanctions

2022-04-04 | Political initiatives, Sanctions

Why do we need a ban on energy imports now? The upcoming days are decisive: we need to enhance our support to the Ukrainian resistance and to raise drastically the level of our sanctions against the Russian regime. Now.

We are sending around 800 million euro per day to the Russian Federation through our imports of gas, coal and oil. Which means we are financing the war we want to stop. Over the last month, we have already transferred more than 20 billion euro to Russia, undermining the efficiency of all measures we have taken since the beginning of the invasion. This has to stop.

The revelation of the horrendous massacre of Bucha should be considered as a turning point in the European debate. Resolute actions are needed without delay. The first one should be the ban on energy import dry out the financing of Putin’s war machine. The impact of a full energy embargo will be severe for Russia while it is manageable for the EU economy.


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