V. Gheorghe for Brussels Morning: One year of war in Ukraine forced over 8M people to seek refuge in Europe

2023-02-24 | Political initiatives

Interviewed by Sarhan Basem. A breath of fresh air in these hard times is the work of some European politicians like MEP Vlad Gheorghe who in his action work on helping to resolve the troublesome situation. His immediate reaction to the emergency made an important impact and helped several hundred thousand Ukrainians so far.

MEP Gheorghe for Brussels Morning says over a 12-months period, the group had 165,272 posts, 782,511 comments, 4,696,539 reactions, and 31,035,560 users saw the ongoing discussions. The Romanian MEP who created the group mentioned that this is the second largest aid community for Ukrainians in Europe, after a similar one in Poland, a country with twice the population of Romania.

Gheorghe reviews Romanian volunteers’ activity since February 24th last: they opened their homes to Ukrainians fleeing their bombed cities, they transported Ukrainians from the borders in their personal cars or bought them train and plane tickets, took Ukrainian animals to the vet, gave mothers, children and the elderly clothes, food, and even money.

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