Bernard Guetta: The Day After (Response to Pierre Lellouche and some others)

2023-01-23 | Political initiatives, Geopolitical analysis

(Response to Pierre Lellouche and some others)

These fears, they are not to be rejected but to be taken into account. One is that by delivering arms to Ukraine, Americans and Europeans could enter the spiral of a Third World War. The other is that by refraining from calling on the Ukrainians to reach a territorial compromise with Russia, the West is leaving room only for war, at the expense of diplomacy.

Between the lines or clearly expressed, both can be heard and read in the United States and in many EU countries. A former French Secretary of State for European Affairs, Pierre Lellouche, has just expressed them in the columns of Le Monde but, first of all, a question. Where would the 27 states of the Union and all the democracies be if American intelligence and the first European arms deliveries, improvised but immediate and decisive, had not prevented Vladimir Putin from taking Kiev?

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