Razumkov Centre: A Renewed Global Bipolarity?

2022-08-30 | Expert publications, Geopolitical analysis

By Vasyl Yurchyshyn. Globalisation, accelerated since early 1990s, collapse of the world socialist system, economic growth of emerging countries seemed to have destroyed the bipolar model of the world, previously personified by the US and the USSR. At the beginning of the millennium there seemed to be the possibilities for the formation of a multipolar world. The US, EU, China, Russia, India — each of them had ambitions to take a leading position in world politics and economics.

However, it quickly turned out that global politics and economics were characteristic of the so-called bipolar world. We mean the two largest countries — the US and China, which now maintain global political leadership, demonstrate considerable economic, scientific and technical achievements. Moreover, these two countries also represent two civilisation communities, one of which is associated with democratic systems of governance and society, the other one – with autocratic socio-political and socio-economic systems.

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